Thanks to a transparent and dynamic production model, Madex is able to provide a turnkey service to the apparel industry, which is guaranteed by a twenty year know how.
Madex - Produzione Outerwear - Intro
Madex Garment Target - Produzione Outerwear - Intro

Complete synergy between Madex and the customer

Madex Garment Target - Produzione Outerwear - KI-72 Not just a message
Madex - Controllo Diretto

Direct control

Documentation freely available for total data transparency
Madex - Controllo Processi

Quality reliability

Our resident team of technicians guarantees constant production quality control in manufacturing areas
Madex - Chiavi in mano

Turnkey service

Madex provides a complete turnkey service where product development costs are results-oriented
Madex - Rapporto Diretto

Madex is the factory

Direct relation with manufacturers without any intermediaries in order to have more control over the production process
Madex Garment Target - Produzione Outerwear - KI-72 Not just a message

Our product:
ideas and style

Madex, a highly specialized company in the production of outerwear, continually seeks ideas and trends to ensure a high-quality, unique, and cutting-edge product. Our research and development department consistently conceives new stylistic proposals capable of anticipating fashion trends, using innovative materials that also reflect the company's environmental sensitivity.

By choosing Madex, you'll have a reliable partner with extensive experience, capable of providing dynamic and customized solutions.

Madex - Produzione abbigliamento capispalla conto terzi

KI-72 Project by Madex

Using the KI-72 Project innovations, Madex pledges to minimise any environmental impact of the manufacturing process by using recycled and / or innovative materials whilst endorsing intelligent use of resources.

Ethics and transparency are the two keywords for KI-72 Project: all raw materials and the workmanship involved in the collection are granted by the most important international certifications on the sustainable fashion field.

Madex - Produzione Capispalla - KI-72 Project

Madex coordinates product development activity and manages all the supply chain stages

Madex - Proposte di Design: nascita del prodotto

Design Proposals: creation of the product

Madex SRL coordinates in Italy all the stages necessary to create the prototypes of the customer's outerwear collection

Madex - Sviluppo del Prodotto: studio del prototipo

Product Development: proto engineering

The prototype that will be created will be engineered and defined through a series of fitting sessions with the support of expert pattern makers and wearers

Madex - Industrializzazione: processo produttivo

Industrialization: productive process

Madex manages the progress of production with the support of the Madex Vietnam offices in order to have total control of every stage

Madex - Logistica: rispetto dei tempi di consegna

Logistics: delivery timeliness

After monitoring the quality processes, Madex takes care of all the logistical phases of the finished products guaranteeing production and delivery timeliness


Madex Garment Target - Outerwear Production Service - Vision

Madex’s goal is to provide global benefits throughout the production process.

Madex Garment Target - Outerwear Production Service - Vision

Madex company policy gives customers and suppliers more scope for action on a productive and social level.


Madex Garment Target - Outerwear Production Service - Mission

Madex aims to build an operative working network based on economic and social advantages.

Madex Garment Target - Outerwear Production Service - Mission

Fair compensation in developing countries for higher communications investments for brands.

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