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Based in Padua (Italy), the operations office of Madex SRL is made up of professional people who have several years of valuable experience in the outerwear and sportswear environment.

In Madex offices our co-operating teams plan and supervise all the activities underlying design, development and industrialization of the outerwear.

Madex - Produzione Capispalla - KI-72 Project
Madex - Produzione Outerwear - Team Design

Design Team

Reflecting the customer's concepts and ideas Madex design team will develop their collection. Research for innovation and quality is our key to meet the needs that distinguish each brand.

Madex - Produzione Outerwear - Team R&D

R&D Team

Using a wide supply network spacing from Europe to Asia Madex offers an R&D service which is always up-to-date with the latest market trends.

Madex - Produzione Outerwear - Team Produzione

Production Team

Madex Product Managers work side by side with our customers in order to provide support through all the developing process, from prototyping to garment fitting.

Madex - Produzione Outerwear - Team Industrializzazione

Industrialization Team

Madex Vietnam is the Vietnamese branch of Madex SRL. The team is in charge of modeling, prototyping, giving support throughout the product industrialization and supervising the quality progress trough the production process.

Madex - Produzione Outerwear - Team Qualità

Quality Team

Madex Vietnam quality control technicians are in charge of monitoring the production process and guaranteeing compliance with the customer quality guidelines.

Madex - Produzione Outerwear - Team Logistica

Logistics Team

Madex Italian Office directly controls all the logistic (in & out) and administrative aspects of its productions. This allows Madex to manage all processes within the supply chain without any intermediaries.

The Founders

Madex founders have twenty years proven experience with excellent turn out in outerwear and sportswear production management.

Madex Srl is the result of their founders craving for uniqueness and authenticity in the outwear world. This project coordinates the Italian headquarter, a sourcing office in South Korea and a dynamic production site in Vietnam.

Madex - Produzione abbigliamento capispalla conto terzi - Andrea Galante - Filippo Pierangelo - Soci fondatori

"Our goal is to fulfill the new market necessities by offering the brands our know how in logistics and production management, supporting our customers throughout the stages of the production chain."

Madex Srl


Madex Garment Target - Outerwear Production Service - Vision

Madex’s goal is to provide global benefits throughout the production process.

Madex Garment Target - Outerwear Production Service - Vision

Madex company policy gives customers and suppliers more scope for action on a productive and social level.


Madex Garment Target - Outerwear Production Service - Mission

Madex aims to build an operative working network based on economic and social advantages.

Madex Garment Target - Outerwear Production Service - Mission

Fair compensation in developing countries for higher communications investments for brands.

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