Outerwear and Sportswear production

Madex’s competitive advantage is based on the excellent organization of the Vietnamese productive structure and on the direct supervision of each step in the supply chain

Madex is the factory

Madex’s strength lies in the direct relationship with the productive sources without any intervention from intermediaries that weigh down the supply chain.

This is due to the ability of the founders who have built direct relationships with the local factories within over twenty years of activity in the Asian countries.

Madex - Produzione abbigliamento capispalla conto terzi

Madex Vietnam

In 2019, Madex srl established Madex Vietnam, an operation reality combining Italian and European style with the high technology level that the Vietnamese fashion industry has achieved thus far.

Madex Vietnam carries out research and development through integrated pattern-making and prototyping departments. Supported by the Italian office, the Vietnamese R&D activities contribute to sourcing new materials and techniques in order to produce exclusive designed outerwear.

Madex - Produzione Capispalla - KI-72 Project

A made in Europe team

The Madex Vietnam's office strategic importance lies above all in a team leadership and know-how that rely on a European origin. Technicians and experts with Northen Europe extraction, skilled in the outerwear sector, contribute to support Madex Italy's activities in various fields:

  • Pattern and prototype engineering
  • Product industrialization
  • Production processes control
  • Following of quality guidelines
Madex - Produzione abbigliamento capispalla conto terzi

Efficient Outerwear production

The Madex Vietnam contribution gives multiple operational and productive advantages throughout the supply chain:

  • Widespread presence on the territory without intermediaries
  • Increased monitoring of the manufacturing process steps
  • Increased control of quality processes
  • Reduction of defectiveness
  • Research for leading production sources
Madex - Produzione Capispalla - KI-72 Project

Outerwear production service


Thanks to both the materials and the advanced machinery used in the manufacturing process, Madex is able to provide a product that stands out for its high performance features: each factory part of the productive structure applies the most advanced techniques for the realization of the outerwear and sportswear’s product.

Here are some examples of the most advanced machinery:



Cooperating with Madex means cooperating with a vertically certified structure. In particular, the objectives achieved by our production partners in terms of certifications are as follow:


Madex Garment Target - Certificazione WRAP


Madex Garment Target - Certificazione BSCI


Madex Garment Target - Outerwear Production Service - Vision

Madex’s goal is to provide global benefits throughout the production process.

Madex Garment Target - Outerwear Production Service - Vision

Madex company policy gives customers and suppliers more scope for action on a productive and social level.


Madex Garment Target - Outerwear Production Service - Mission

Madex aims to build an operative working network based on economic and social advantages.

Madex Garment Target - Outerwear Production Service - Mission

Fair compensation in developing countries for higher communications investments for brands.

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